The specialist in high quality custom made purification systems

Engeldot-Water is a family business with a clear focus on, and specialism in, water treatment and purification systems.

Our company has specialized in developing and manufacturing sustainable, high quality water treatment and purification systems. We supply custom made installations or series for temporary or permanent use, both on a large scale or a small scale. With our in-house engineering, development, manufacturing and service department we are able to provide our customers with a complete package of service, fully unburdening their water related challenges.

With our knowledge, skills and experience we, as manufacturer, are able to provide solutions for many applications, including industries, events, recreation, agriculture and offshore vessels and platforms.  

The purified water can be treated to potable water for humans, animals, food production, process water or qualified wastewater according to the local applicable wastewater legislation. 

For questions or remarks please contact us.  Our team will happily help you with your inquiry.