Bottel machines

Complete Bottel machine in Container



ContenO has built its Smart Mobile Water Bottling Plant inside an ISO-standardised container as an integrated production factory.

ContenO has developed two types of AquaContainer:

  • AquaContainer: Mobile Water Bottling Plant.
  • AquaContainer + purification system : Mobile Water Bottling Plant with integrated purification system.

The ContenO AquaContainer plant is designed to meet the strictest IBWA and FDA regulations. PET bottle factories for safe water capacities varying between 10,000 litres a day up to 100,000 litres a day. PET bottle sizes vary between 0.2 to 10 litres.

Upon customer’s request, the AquaContainer Water Bottling Plants can be built with integrated purification system and have standard dedicated generator and compressors on board allowing to operate these factories regardless the availability of local power sources and at any location worldwide.

Water bottling is only one application. Also other products are possible e.g. edible oils, carbonized water, soft drinks, juices, gels, liquid soaps etc...

  • Production up to 36,000 liters per day for the 20ft AquaContainer and up to 100,000 liters in a 40ft AquaContainer
  • Inside standard ISO 20 ft or 40 ft container.
  • Equipped with 2 separate rooms.


Production process

How does it work?

ContenO has built its Smart Mobile Water Bottling Plant inside an ISO-standardised container as an integrated system. The bottling process has 4 production steps:


1.  The preform buffering + orienting.


The PET preform depends on the bottle size which the user wants to produce. Bottle shape is defined by ContenO.
The preforms are loaded in bulk at the outside left front side entering the bottle production line.


2.  Bottle production


In the "stretch blowing machine", each PET preform is heated by the oven and blown to a PET bottle in the Mold.
The result is a quality PET bottle, available in different colours.


3. Filling-capping


The filler-capper mono block is specially designed to meet conditions in a mobile container.


4. Labeling


The bottle is automatically foreseen with a self-adhesive label.  The production date or lot is printed onto the label.


5. Handle application


For bigger sized bottles, a handle for easy carrying is automatically applied onto the bottle. Fully automated.


The Result.

A complete factory. Inside a 20 feet or a 40 feet container


Benefits Aquacontainer

When using Mobile Water Bottling Plant from ContenO various advantages are to the benefit of the user:

For Military use:

  • Water production on site, near by soldiers.
  • The Mobile Plant moves forward and stays with the troops at theatre.
  • No vulnerable transport lines to get water to theatre. No risk of sabotage, terrorism, truck breakdowns or others.
  • No expensive transport of water bottles or large water containers to soldiers.
  • Reduced risk of diseases as bottles are capped and sealed in a hygienic environment compared to filling bottles at open air water taps.
  • Savings up to 80% on traditional water bottle transport and storage.
  • Transport of 100,000 water bottles, each 5 litres requires 20 full loaded trucks. The equivalent quantity in PET preform requires one 20 ft container only.
  • Savings up to factor 20 and higher are being made in terms of reduced truck transport, reduced storage room and reduced manpower.
  • Water quality permanently in own hands.
  • Low bottle price, including machine writing off.
  • 100% recyclable PET material, reducing waste.

For NGO’s:

  • Water production on the spot.
  • Transport, storage and manpower reduction by factor 20.
  • Contamination risk zero reducing sickness risks dramatically as bottles with safe potable water are filled and capped in a hygienic environment.
  • Water quality permanent in own hands.
  • Low bottle price, including writing off cost of investment.
  • No risk of transport systems being halted due to natural disasters such as floods, earth quakes.
  • 100% PET recyclable.

Private Owned Companies, Local authorities, Civil Defence etc...

  • Short to none transport lines. Saving up to factor 20 on transport, storage and manpower.
  • Immediate savings increases profit margins.
  • Production at any location, even at remote areas lacking power.
  • Immediate water production to assist at calamities etc...
  • Low bottle price, including writing off cost of investment.

Water Packaging

Operating principle:

Large quantities of PET preforms are dropped into the container on one end from where an automatic conveyor transports them to a blowing machine in which the preforms are blown into the final bottle shape.

After blowing, the bottles are filled with safe potable water in a special filling compartment  which operates under positive air pressure preventing contamination from outside. In the same compartment and after filling, the bottles are capped and sealed.

Depending on size, a handle for ease of transport is added and bottles are labelled prior to leave the fully automated machine.
At exit, an optional accumulation table collects the bottles from where the operator takes them for storage

Flexibility in packaging choices. Depending on the specific purpose and application, the solution supplies recyclable PET bottles (0.2 to 10 liters), alternatively pouches, water supply packs to fill camelbacks.

For safe water bottling...

  • Overall quality control from water source to bottle.
  • Fully automated operation to eliminate contamination risks by human contact.
  • Bottling plant designed to meet HACCP, IBWA and FDA regulations.
  • On site water quality control systems.
  • Closed box concept: insulated and dust free container environment.
  • UV-treatment of water, bottles and caps.
  • Overpressurized filling and capping area for germ free air (Steribox).

Specifications AquaContainer


Maximum output 1200 500 - 2400

Maximum bottle size

  • full automatic


  • 0,2 to 1,5 litres


  • 0,2 to 10 litres

Maximum neck diameter

  • full automatic


  • 48/40 Bericap


  • 48/40 Bericap
Labels maximum height 100 mm 150 mm
ISO Container dimensions l x w x h 6096 x 2438 x 2591 mm 12192 x 2438 x 2591 mm
ISO Container gross weight t.b.a. t.b.a.
  20 ft Container 40 ft Container