Quality monitoring

In certain situations, such as producing potable water, it can be of great importance to effectively and rapidly assess analyses of the produced potable water, to ensure safety for consumer, installation and environment. Engeldot-Water offers high quality monitoring systems as an optional module to her water treatment systems.

Real-time monitoring

Each system can be equipped with an optional monitoring module measuring up to 15 parameters real-time to guarantee an optimal water safety. These parameters include:

-     Ammonium
-     Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD)
-     Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)
-     Chloride
-     Conductivity
-     Dissolved oxygen
-     Fluoride
-     Free chlorine
-     NH3-N
-     Nitrate
-     Nitrite
-     pH
-     Redox potential
-     Temperature
-     Turbidity

The advantages:

-     A pro-active approach in water quality management       
-     The opportunity to monitor real-time data  
-     Direct insights in current and possible future water quality threats          
-     Ability to evaluate risks of contamination via pipe break or maintenance           
-     Integration with the operational network through real-time monitoring     
-     Risk-evaluation with regard to water quality          
-     On customer request we can develop, built in and maintain water quality monitoring systems

Remote control

Engeldot-Water is currently in the finalizing process of expanding het monitoring service with an Remote Control system allowing online intervention. This allows optimal service as many parameters can be monitored and timely intervention is facilitated. Replacement of consumables can be monitored, improving the constant functionality of the water treatment system. Furthermore it means a system can be altered or shut down from great distance. Since multiple parameters will be monitored this extra service will lead to an optimal facilitation of maintenance and (water) safety. This permanent monitoring will ensure an increased safety for people, the installation and the environment.