With our range of service activities we aim to unburden our clients. This means facilitating the whole process of investment, legislation and subsidization.

Lease solution

Investing can be defiant for companies, organizations and governments of (developing) countries. Therefore Engeldot-Water offers the opportunity of leasing complete drinking water and wastewater treatment installations. With this construction it is possible to enjoy the benefits of our installations with a minimal own investment. The lease construction can include regular service of our skilled staff. That way our clients can be sure of a continuous functioning of their installations with a maximum output. More information on this service will be published soon.

Grants and legislation          

For many innovative investments local governments provide grants (subsidies) to stimulate sustainable entrepreneurship and innovations. Engeldot-Water can help with these processes and guide her clients in the right direction. With our large network and relations we are able to assist in the whole legislation process varying from water boards, to local governments and environmental law organizations.