Water covers 71% of our planet’s surface. Approximately 97% of it is sea water, merely 1% is fresh water. Water is vital for all known forms of life. Worldwide 6.000 people die every day due to lack of safe drinking water. Engeldot-Water focusses to increase the world’s safe, healthy and pure water supply.

Sustainable entrepreneurship

Water is a primary necessity of life and not always naturally available for everyone. Therefore it is a precious good that needs to be used responsibly. Sustainable entrepreneurship is a win-win model in which Engeldot-Water aims to help remove pollution in different water flows as well as reducing water wastage by stimulating water reuse.

Water distribution

The world population is growing, putting serious pressure on our global water, food and energy supplies. This pressure on our water supply is illustrated in the costs of tap water which are increasing worldwide. With Engeldot-Water drinking water systems and wastewater systems you can be self-sufficient in your water supply in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective way.  

Local collaboration and production

Engeldot-Water values a sustainable long term cooperation and is not looking for short-lived collaborations. Our aim is to make a significant contribution to local societies by providing safe, healthy and pure water. For example we aspire to start up local water production plants in (rural) areas where drinking water is scarce or unavailable. Together with the local people we aim to set up long term partnerships to engage in a sustainable relationship and generate a positive permanent contribution to the local society.