Core business

Engeldot-Water is specialized in developing and manufacturing sustainable, high quality water treatment and purification systems. We supply custom made machines or series of machines for temporary or permanent use, using State of the Art techniques.

Which water flows can be treated?

With our water treatment systems we are able to treat a great number of water flows. Well water, ground water, surface water, sea water and brackish water can be purified to high quality drinking water. Process water, domestic and communal wastewater can be treated to safe water suitable for direct reuse or suitable for discharge into nature, taking into account the local laws and legislations. 

Applicable for which sectors?

The Engeldot-Water water treatment systems are applicable for many sectors including; cities/townships, hotels/resorts, (food) processing industry, agriculture, events, recreation, hospitals, vessels and offshore platforms.  

Why Engeldot-Water?  

Engeldot-Water offers a complete package to her customers, starting with the design, engineering and manufacturing of a customized system. Subsequently a project is completed by installation on site, our own maintenance and service department and aftercare. By keeping all these elements ‘in house’ we are able to offer our customers a unique complete service package where we are able to unburden our customer completely.